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The Buzz on Marijuana and Life Insurance

It’s no surprise that lifestyle matters when it comes to life insurance. Diet, mental and physical health, family medical history, age, gender, and occupation—these are all common factors that impact life insurance rates. What happens when you add marijuana use to the mix? The purpose, the frequency and several other factors related to marijuana use matter more than marijuana itself when it comes to the cost of getting life insurance coverage. To Tell the Truth As far as life insurance applications go, honesty is truly the best policy. Life insurance policies are legal contracts between insurers and the insured. As…

Earth Day

5 Ways to Save the Environment and Save Money

In these uneasy environmental and economic times, what better moment is there than Earth Day 2018 to renew a commitment to saving the planet while also saving money? Research suggests…


Understanding Bitcoin

Satoshi Nakamoto created bitcoin as a reaction to the financial crisis of 2007-2008, when the global banking industry required mass bailouts by the world’s governments in order to stay solvent.…